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Maintenance Contracts

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Maintenance Contracts are floor contractors based in Macclesfield and Telford. We have been supplying and installing flooring since 1988, and have built up a team of highly skilled staff who take pride in creating beautiful floors they know will last.

We use only products and materials that meet high quality specifications. We’ve learnt the hard way that not all of them do. You can be confident whatever we recommend will be something we have tried and tested and know will work for your particular situation.

Our experienced in-house teams can handle the whole preparation and installation process, from shot blasting to remove an existing surface through to final finishing of the new floor. We have invested heavily in specialised equipment, so – unlike many of our competitors – we don’t need to outsource any tasks or hire in extra machinery. This means we are in control of every aspect of the job, including the critical task of preparing the substrate to provide a good key so the new floor can bond well. As a result, you get a durable and long-lasting floor that works from day one.

Work with Maintenance Contracts, and whatever type of floor you ask us to work on, the job will be done fast and done well.


Maintenance Supplies Time Lapse (Driveway) from Channel MBC on Vimeo.

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