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FRÖG Watches

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FRÖG watches are a natural blend of British design, Swiss technology and passion for the sea.
Designed in Cheshire and Made in England, the FRÖG Watch Company is now re-born. These beautiful time pieces are inspired by the style of the ’30s and ‘40s.
Our designs are retro styled modern classics.
Bold and versatile, our watches are perfect for every day and every occasion.
Oversized dials, rugged leather straps, and raised crystal domes,
give these watches vintage style combined with modern day functionality.

HISTORY – FRÖG Watch Company – Est 1932

In 1932 a small watch company called the FRÖG Watch Company, developed submersible watches for scuba divers known as “frogmen” and then for general military use. These watches allowed frogmen to descend to a depth of 50 meters and monitor the time remaining on their air supply. The famous “WWW” wrist-watch-waterproof of the British forces were high quality cases that were well sealed, and many of these even had snap-on backs, rather than tighter screwed backs, as there wasn’t a perceived need for great water resistance. The FRÖG Watch Company carried on manufacturing and developing lightweight water resistant watches until 1957, when the company was bought by a private Swiss watch company.


The ultimate evolution of more water resistant wristwatches may have resulted from clever marketing and a change in civilian lifestyles. Dive watches continue to enjoy immense popularity. They are practical, sporty and fun watches. Matching contemporary lifestyles, their popularity is well deserved. Even out of the water, they subtly –perhaps subconsciously– reinforce the idea of a casual lifestyle, and more than being reflective of the times, these watches also reflect a historical tradition.

Today the FRÖG Watch Company true to its tradition and early ideals, manufactures affordable lightweight water resistant watches. Based on the original designs from the 1930s, this collection of watches offers vintage elegance and timeless appeal.


FRÖG Watches launch by opening of a select distribution network in UK. The following year sees its debut on the international fine watchmaking market. The collection comprises two models: the FV series 1 and series 2, available in two versions. Several new models are currently in production.


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