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Longevity Records Label

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Our ethos is simple:- we strive to give bands & artists that elusive first stepping stone to becoming a professional act, by helping them with their initial releases & videos through to the heights we all want to achieve. We work alongside a fantastic video team and Recording studio and have passion to help and promote what we believe in. Become a Longevity member here | http://eepurl.com/SmKx5 |

We work with bands & artists who have worked hard writing, recording & gigging for themselves and have built up a growing repertoire and loyal fan-base here in the UK and need a label to put out their music. “We want bands who for example, organise there own gigs and have a good knowledge of the music industry and are willing to put the graft into becoming successful”

If you have records “ready for release” then send us your tracks via our soundcloud dropbox at this link – http://longevityrecords.net/bands-artists/new-bands-artists/

Warm regards,

Longevity Records Ltd

* Apologies in advance if you have sent Longevity your music and not heard back from us, this is due to the high volumes of tracks we receive, please feel free to re-send your music again and remind us of you as well as any new material you have.


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