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Fresh on the scene…and much talked about Stockport based band, Kazo, announce details of their eagerly awaited new studi…
Fresh on the scene…and much talked about Stockport based band, Kazo, announce details of their eagerly awaited new studio EP….Cocktails & Canapés. Produced by Happy Monday’s Musical Director, Dan Broad, at The Edge Recording Studios, the four piece are now ready to be unleashed.

Stockport’s Kazo
And you are invited to the launch party night at The Acoustic Lounge in Poynton on Friday 3rd October. Kicking off at 730pm, Kazo will be performing tracks from their forthcoming EP, supported by emerging stars, Megan Dixon-Hood and Adam C, from hiphop act Akcadamy.

What to watch out for…. Having met in their early teens at St James Catholic High School in Cheadle, the lads are now turning heads in the music industry with their original music, written and inspired by everyday situations.

Dan Broad says:

“Kazo’s songs stand by themselves. They’re dynamic and unequivocally unique. On top of that the lads have an infectious magnetism, with their strong bond of friendship playing out well on stage…. a band to watch out for.”

KAZOKazo, (left) who are made up of bassist Mike Silcock, lead guitarist Jake Blythe, drummer Sam Keene and vocalist Jack Henigan, all live in Stockport and first burst onto the Manchester music scene as The Ordinary in 2012. Since then have played a host of high-profile concerts including a performance at Noel Gallagher’s after show party and crowd-winning acts at The Headlander festival in Stockport.

Influenced by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Led Zeppelin and Foo Foo Fighters, Kazo’s style is hard to box….they are quite simply Kazo.

“We’re Stockport lads through and through,” Kazo say.

“We’ve all grown up here and it’s been brilliant to meet like-minded musicians at such an early stage in our musical career. A lot of doors have opened for us. We’ve had loads of local as well as celebrity support! For instance performing in front of an audience at Noel Gallagher’s after show party in Liverpool was pretty amazing!”

What the critics say….

Briggy Smale introduced Kazo on main stage at Headlander 2014. A well-known name in the music industry after years presenting Top of the Pops in the 90s, Radio 1 and now as Head of Careers at Manchester’s BIMM music college, Briggy is well versed is spotting talent today that is tomorrow’s household name. “Kazo tick all the boxes,” she says. “….lads want to be them and girls want to go out with them!”

‘Get Your Rock Out’ raved about Kazo after witnessing their stage take-over at Headlander 2014. “Kazo….the band to follow….satiating the rocker’s appetite for something enjoyably gritty. As a live act these guys are wonderful to watch….this bodes extremely well for the full EP release later this year.” ‘Get Your Rock Out’, June 2014

So what’s in store with Kazo’s launch EP…..‘Cocktails & Canapes’?

‘Cocktails & Canapés’ features five of Kazo’s tracks, all original and written by band members about situations that have influenced their own lives. ‘Easy Living’ marks their platinum track. Sam Keene’s drumming influences the atmosphere throughout….well known for fuelling audiences with his off-the-wall drumming, ‘Easy Living’ showcases Sam’s passion. Brought to life off stage by the music video, just finished by Independent Studios (link to video here), ‘Easy Living’ is known as Kazo’s signature track.

‘Nothing’s Gonna Save You’ is a piece of real swagger in which Jack Henigan demonstrates the vocal confidence of a singer who can hold a crowd in the palm of his hand. His guitar work along with that of Jake Blythe has a dirty quality to it which adds an edge to the great production, while the rhythm is reminiscent mid 70’s Deep Purple.

With Mike Silcock’s bass making its presence known, ‘Shoot From The Hip’ provides a edgier, sexy sound – the lyrics really speaking for themselves! Intriguingly Kazo’s tracks showcase the band’s talent almost individually at times, whilst clearly being a joint performance.

‘The Runner’ takes Jack’s voice to new heights….a song written from the heart about loss. Simply listening provokes an addiction to Kazo’s inimitable sound. As usual the band combine their style and sound and unique approach to their tracks…resulting in a musical escape.

Following Sam’s evocative intro on drums, followed hot on the heels by Jake’s guitar, Jack’s voice starts to guide you through the intense emotions evoked by ‘Safe’. Inspired by a tragic event that affected all four lads…Kazo take the audience to moments of extreme emotion as Jake’s bass guitar takes on a life of its own.

For more information and tickets to the launch party contact Rachel Wallace at Jigsaw Media on 07939292820 or rachel@jigsawmedia.co.uk or Chris Keene on kazoband@gmail.com or 07711 265003.


KAZO - Nothing's Gonna Save You from Channel MBC on Vimeo.

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