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Man Made: Plastic Key To Living

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Nile Marr, who performs under the moniker Man Made, is one of the foreign acts appearing at this year’s Reykjavík Music Mess. Born into a heady rock pedigree (his father is guitarist Johnny Marr of The Smiths and Modest Mouse), he’s performed with the likes of Broken Social Scene and Bright Eyes. With one EP under his belt, he’s looking to see if this will be his year.

‘Plastic Key To Living’. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve been aching to record that co I don’t even have a demo of it. I wrote it, then just gigged it but I’ve never recorded it. There’s another track that’s gonna be on the EP that’s pretty new. I wrote that the day before I went on tour, when I was supposed to be rehearsing. That’s from late January.

Man Made — Plastic Key To Living [indie/rock] (2016) this video is genuinely one of a kind and insanely eerie.


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