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Channel MBC was launched 12/12/12 by co-founders Mark Duffy and Ricardo Battaglia, after meeting at Screen Stockport Film Festival.

With presenters Charlotte Fellows and Jamie Savage, their first job was to film The Headlander music festival in Bramhall, Cheshire. This was a great success. They then went on to start broadcasting from their studios in Brookside Mill in Macclesfield, transmitting digitally across the Cheshire plain and the internet 24/7, providing quality TV features, local presenters, celebrity guests, news, sport, great new music, and other TV content.

Channel MBC support many local groups, organisations, and charities including East Cheshire Hospice.

A platform for new creative talent, accessible to everyone, from local businesses to up and coming presenters, newscasters, musicians, singers, actors, and any other performers.

Channel MBC is a channel with a broad appeal, popular across all age groups. Covering all aspects of local news, music, fashion, and lifestyle.

We also offer FREE promotional goods from our advertisers to all our fans and followers, and are always looking for new partners. If you would like to be our partner, please contact us.


Alderley Edge, Cheshire UK
+7815 480420
+7815 480420
+7815 480420

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